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Is there an easier way to reset a candidates password?

Question: A candidate emailed me telling me they can't login, I need to reset their password and send them their login information, but I don't remember how to do this.

Answer: The quickest way to reset a candidates password and send them their login information is to do the following:

- Navigate to the candidate profile.

- Click the "Send Acct. Info" button in the Actions widget.

NOTE: If you don't see this button then your admin account does not have the appropriate permission enabled.

- A popup message will display asking if you want to reset the password and send the candidate their login information.

- Click 'OK'

NOTE: You can revise the content of the email sent to the candidate here: Configuration tab > Messages > Email Messages > Candidate Tab > Candidate Account Info


Click here to learn how to edit a candidates account information.

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