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Profile information in admin module is different than in candidate module

Problem: I am making some changes to a candidate’s 1st year profile information, but when I login as the candidate to verify the change, the profile information is different, why is this?

Resolution: The candidates profile information in the admin module is different that the profile information visible to the candidate because the candidate has more than one profile.  When a candidate logs in they will always see the profile information for their default profile if the PID is set up for default profile redirect. In this case, the admin is not editing the candidates default profile; they are editing a different profile that belongs to the candidate, possibly an older one.

Example: The admin is editing the candidates 2014-1 profile, but the candidates default profile is in the 2014-2 pid. Therefore, the admin must navigate to the candidates 2014-2 profile and edit the profile information there in order for the candidates to see the changes.

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