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Unable to create account: The E-mail address is already in use

Problem: A candidate is trying to log in but they get the following error message, why?

Unable to create account: The E-mail address is already in use.; please contact your school administrator.

Likely Cause(s): The username associated with the candidate email address in the school system does not match the username associated with the same email address in GradLeaders Career Center.


On the school side:

Username: Username1

Email: emailaddress@domain.com

In GradLeaders Career Center:

Username: Usernameab1

Email: emailaddress@domain.com

NOTE: You will not be able to replicate this error by signing in as the candidate through the admin module because your already in GradLeaders Career Center. The Sign In As function does not follow the same login protocol.

Resolution: Locate the candidate account associated with the email address and make sure the username matches the username you have in your system for this candidate.

If you cannot find the candidate account then send in a ticket with the email address and username you have in file for this candidate along with the error details and we will locate the candidate.



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