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Why are there so many company name variations?


When we look through the company file, we are seeing multiple entries of the same company. Why? Example: Amazon, Amazon.com, and Amazon.com Inc.

Likely Cause(s):

The company entries are being created one of two ways. When a new recruiter logs into the system, either through the job board or resume book, if they do not find the name of the company that they searched for (i.e. Amazon.com), they choose to enter a new company.  They enter the name the same as when they searched for it, even though the company may already exist under a different name. The second way is through MultiPost. If a recruiter at the MultiPost level is associated with Amazon.com, but Amazon.com is listed as the Amazon Company or under a different name at your school, then the system will create the recruiter and the company they are associated with, if that company cannot be found in the system by the matching email domain.


To fix this issue, you would need to change the recruiter’s organization on their recruiter record. You may also need to clean up the company file by using the Combine Companies function.¬†

Program Setting:


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