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Implementation Plan - Company/Recruiter Module Email Templates List

Below is a list of customizable email templates that are associated with Companies and Recruiters/Contacts. 

Audience Email ID Email Type Email Name Active Default Module Description of Email
Employer 35 Automatic Login Information Mixed Mixed Recruiter/Contact When an admin clicks the "login info" link on a recruiter/contact profile
Employer 54 Automatic Employer Forgot Password Yes Yes Recruiter/Contact When a recruiter/contact clicks the forgot password link
Employer 212 Automatic Recruiter Account Info Yes Yes Recruiter/Contact An admin user clicks 'Send Account Info' button on the recruiter/contact profile. 
Admin 14 Automatic Employer Contact Info Change Mixed Mixed Recruiter/Contact When a recruiter changes their contact information for themselves. 
Admin 15 Automatic Employer Company Info Change Yes Yes Company When a recruiter changes their company information.
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