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How to: Basic and Advanced Searches


There are several search options available to search the system. They include:

  • Alphabetical Search
    • To search name, enter the name into the search box labeled “Name Lookup,” (the name of the box will differ for Candidate, Company, and Recruiter specific searches) then click the “Go” button.  
  • Basic Search
    • The Basic Search list is located to the left of the Candidate, Company and Recruiter lists.  This can be configured to display various search criteria and should include searches that are most frequently used.  Click on the criteria listed below the Basic Search column to quickly search the module file.
  • Advanced Search
  • To conduct an advanced search, click on the “Advanced Search” button. Click on the “+” symbol to the left of each category and select/enter search criteria. Note: As the user selects the desired qualifiers from each search criteria, the number of matching candidates will show in the upper right-hand corner of the page. Once all of the criteria and qualifiers have been selected, click the “View Results” button.  Examples of available search criteria include keyword search, class year and citizenship status. Ask your GradLedaders Representative to make Advanced Search changes on your Admin Dashboard.

Clearing a Search

When using search criteria to limit search results, the applied search criteria will be listed under "Current Search Criteria." To remove criteria or to start a new search, click on the "Clear Search" icon or click the red "X" icon next to the current criteria. 

Saving a Search

In order to save the search, click on the “Save Search” icon, name the search, click Save.  To return to a Saved Search, click on the particular menu tab,  click on the “Saved Searches & Agents” sub-menu, click on the binocular icon under the view matching column to see your search results.

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