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Updating current searches on grids

With the June 13 production release, we have made a change to the way that grids automatically update with search results. In an effort to increase system performance, grids will only execute if the search is considered "dirty" and thus necessary to be executed. A "dirty" search is any search that has not been executed in the current session or the search criteria has changed.

Users will be able to refresh their search quickly, by using the 'Refresh Search' Icon that will re-execute the search.

This button will only be present when the page is not using the new style basic search. If there is a basic search on the left of the grid, then the Refresh Search Icon will be present. If there is a box above the grid with the basic search options in drop downs, then the Refresh Search icon will not be present.


If an admin user has a search for pending candidates from a previous session, when they log in that search will be executed since it has not been executed in the users current session.

Once they are on the matched tab, if the status of a candidate that is on the matched tab changes to a status other than pending,  the matched tab will not be updated automatically. Instead, the user will need to click on 'Refresh Search' to have the search run and the grid updated.


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