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How do I change the widgets on my Metrics dashboard?

This new Metrics tab was developed based on our 20+ years of industry experience and research collected from various school partner schools we surveyed. We hope you find these standard widgets to be helpful but we're constantly focused on delivering optimal solutions to meet your needs.  If you have an idea send an email to support@gradleaders.com with the subject line that includes the words “Metrics dashboard,” and our internal product experts will reach out to learn how we can improve the functionality.

If you'd like to change the widgets that are displaying on your Metrics tab, you can submit a request for us to remove certain widgets that are not applicable.  For example, if you are not collecting employment / outcomes data in GradLeaders Career Center we can remove that widget for you.  Send an email to support@gradleaders.com with the subject line: “Metrics dashboard – remove standard widget” and specify the fields we should remove in the email body. 

You can also take advantage of our new ad-hoc reporting and data management solution to build your own dashboards, data visualizations, and reports! Contact us at demo@gradleaders.com for a quick demonstration.

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