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Authentication Token has Expired, please re-authenticate

Problem: When a candidate logs in they are encountering this error message: Authentication Token has Expired, please re-authenticate, how do we resolve this?

Cause: Candidates who encounter this error after they've logged in on the school side and try to access GradLeaders Career Center. During the process of accessing GradLeaders Career Center the following happens on the back end, your server (school server) sends a message to our server requesting access to GradLeaders Career Center for the candidate. If the request is validated, our server issues the candidate a token (access pass) to access GradLeaders Career Center; however, the token is only valid for a limited amount of time so if the candidate does not use the token to access GradLeaders Career Center it will expire and the candidate will not be able to access the system and this is exactly what is happening for this candidate.

Resolution: In order to resolve this issue, you would need to contact your IT department, letting them know that the candidate is trying to access GradLeaders Career Center but for some reason they are not consuming the token needed to access GradLeaders Career Center.

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