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Updating the max pages per resumes setting

Issue: A second year candidate has uploaded their 2 page resume but I only see one page when I view their resume. If I download their resume, I can see both pages, can you increase the max pages per resume setting from 1 to 4?

Resolution: We can increase the max resumes setting from 1 to 4 but this will not retroactively make the second page of the candidates resume visible in GradLeaders Career Center. When a candidate uploads a resume, the system looks at the max pages per resume setting to see how many pages of the resume it will display to users. Therefore, increasing the max pages per resume setting won't make the second page visible. The candidate will have to re-upload their resume in order for the second page to be visible.

NOTE: When you download the resume, you will see the complete resume because the file is saved in our database. 

If you have the correct permissions enabled, you can change this setting yourself. You can find this setting by going to:

Configuration Tab > Settings > Select the program you would like to increase the setting for > Registration Tab > Max Pages Per Resume


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