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Candidate Management Module

This module helps the school organize and manage its student and alumni information and history.  The candidate data is built upon the contact and profile information provided by the student in the resume database module, but many schools choose to add more information that is “admin only” to the candidate profile so they can effectively manage its constituents.  As with the company/contact module, admin users can execute searches on any combination of candidate profile data, to allow them to effectively identify and communicate with subsets of their students and alumni.  Batch emailing and exporting help with this process.

In addition to the profile information, the candidate note feature is heavily used and tightly integrated with the advising module to allow the Career Management Office to record a full history of interactions with the candidate.  Additionally, an Activity summary shows the admin user all of the candidate's transactions within GradLeaders Career Center, so an advisor or staffer can see all of the interviews, applications and event signups for that candidate.


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