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This module is a comprehensive way for schools to manage their job board.  Much like the resume data base (RDB), GradLeaders will advise that the majority of our standard job posting form is utilized, so that our partner firms can effectively use our MultiPost tool to place extra job postings in front of the school's candidates.  

Employers have full capability to input and manage their job postings, including a handy “paste” function that allows them to paste the job description in from MS Word.  They can also expire or extend a posting as needed and see their email applicant via the system if they so desire.

School administrators can view all jobs as the employers post them, and postings can be kept from candidate view until the school has approved the job.  Admin users can also edit/overwrite any data in the job posting, and manually post jobs themselves if they so choose.

Candidates can search jobs based on any criteria from the job posting form, do keyword searches, and apply directly through the system if the employer requests the applications in that manner.  Candidates have the ability to tag jobs for their “hotlist” so they can easily re-find a job of interest and apply at a later time.  Search agents are also available, so that as new jobs are posted and approved, candidates can receive an email notifying them that a job matches their query.


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