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The url you used to access this application is not valid and/ or requires you to authenticate

Problem: I received an email from a candidate who is trying to login but they are getting the following error message, why is this?

The URL you used to access this application is not valid and/ or requires you to authenticate. Please contact your school administrator if you have questions about authenticating for the GradLeaders Career Center application.

Explanation: The error is displayed because a candidate is attempting to log into GradLeaders Career Center using a favorite or a bookmark which is referring to a page inside GradLeaders Career Center. If a candidate receives this message when using this bookmark, GradLeaders Career Center views this candidate as a user who is trying to access GradLeaders Career Center but has not been authenticated as an authorized candidate through the designated school login.

Candidate's usually encounter this error because they are using a bookmark that directs them to a page in GradLeaders Career Center such as the dashboard rather than bookmarking the designated school side login.

Resolution: If one of your candidates are encountering this error make sure they are logging into the system correctly by logging in through the designated school login. Furthermore, be sure to let them know that they should only bookmark the school login page. If you don't have the link the candidate should use just send in a ticket and we will provide the correct link.

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