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JobMatch is an automated way for GradLeaders Recruiting employers and candidates to find each other based upon how closely the candidate profile matches the employer's job posting.  Benefits:

  • Increases candidate engagement with the system, particularly for students at Resume Book-only schools and Alumni Resume Databases
  • Proactively delivers candidates to GradLeaders Recruiting users after posting a job through MultiPost


GradLeaders Recruiting Employers

When the client posts a job via MultiPost in GradLeaders Recruiting, the system runs a search against the data points described below.    Once the search is complete, we give the recruiter a popup box with a flexible screen message that includes the number of matches.  Example:  “GradLeaders has found xxxx candidates that might be a good fit for this position.  Do you wish to view them?”    The recruiter can choose Yes or No, and they will be taken to the search results page if they choose Yes.

This feature can be turned off for a school, PID, or permission group based on a permission setting.
Candidate module (Full GradLeaders Career Center and RDB schools)

When the candidate completes their profile registration and gets to the dashboard for the first time, the system runs a search against the data points described below in the mapping section.    While the search is executing, we give a “Processing” bar that instead says “Searching for jobs…”.

Once the search is complete, we give the candidate a popup box with a flexible screen message that includes the number of matches.  The text of this message can be changed. See below:


Show me Jobs – This button creates a job search agent automatically (described below)and takes the candidate to the job search page with the search executed.

For GradLeaders Career Center schools, this includes all postings and OCR visits

For Resume Book/Job Board schools and Alumni systems, this includes all postings

For Resume Book-Only schools, this will be MultiPost job postings

Notify me – Creates a Job Search agent automatically, based on the JobMatch data points described below. 

  • Agent name is “Automatic JobMatch Agent”.
  • Frequency defaults to “Weekly – Friday"

The JobMatch agent will execute the same as the nightly job search agent.  However, it will use a different email message template.  

Email ID: 181  Email Type: Agent  Sent to: Student/Candidate

In addition to the message parameters available for the standard job search agent, the JobMatch agent email has an additional link at the bottom of the message to allow the candidate to opt out, essentially “Manage my job agents”.   This link would take the candidate into GradLeaders Career Center to the Saved Search/Agent page so they can disable their agent if they so choose.  The text of this email message can be changed but the opt out option should not be removed.

Dear {studentfirstname} {studentlastname},

There are {jobmatchcount} new jobs matching your search {searchname}.  Please go to the link below to view these jobs:


This is an auto-generated email.  Please do not reply.

If you have any questions please contact your career service office.

Click here... to opt out of this agent emails.

In addition to the agent, we have added a Dashboard popup reminder.  This can be set up to occur "every XXX days”, at which time the dashboard popup will activate.  This will only occur for the logged in candidate if:

  • They do not have an active JobMatch agent
  • They have not seen this popup for XX days
  • They have not opted out of this popup

The buttons for Show me Jobs and Notify Me operate as described above, additionally there is also a check box for “Don't show me this again.”   The purpose for this popup is to try to get candidates engaged if they ignored the initial prompt for JobMatch.

Searches mapping data points

  • Job type vs. class year
  • Job Industry vs. candidate industry preference
  • Job Function vs. candidate function preference
  • Job Location vs. geo preference
  • NOTE – when running the search from the candidate module, the system should include all jobs that match the candidates “Job View” filters and also include OCR Visits in the results.
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