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Candidate Account Activation Followup

Email Title:

Candidate Account Activation Followup 

Email ID:




Email Recipient(s):


Email Trigger:

Candidate completes registration after clicking on the link from the Account Activation Email 


This email template is by default blank at the GradLeaders Standard level. It is sent automatically once a candidate completes their profile after clicking the access URL sent in the account activation email.

The email may be edited by an Admin user on the RB Program to provide a Custom Email Message.

Available Parameters

  • AccessURL - {accessurl}
  • StudentFirstName - {studentfirstname}
  • StudentLastName - {studentlastname}
  • StudentMiddleName - {studentmiddlename}
  • StudentSuffix - {studentsuffix}
  • StudentUserName - {studentusername}

This email is controlled by the following settings and/or permissions (if applicable):



If you do not have access to the configuration, please use the “Contact” link above for assistance with modifying your email templates or contact a GradLeaders Representative

An example email:


Thank you for completing your registration! 



Dear {studentfirstname},

Thank you for taking the time to complete your registration.


CSO Staff, The University MBA School of Management 



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