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How are system emails sent, and how are they populated?

System emails are sent based on programmed triggers. These triggers can be an event; such as Finalizing an OCR Schedule, a date in time; such as a reminder for an OCR to be sent 3 days prior, or on an action by an Admin, such as approving an OCR can send an approval email to the recruiter who requested the OCR. There are three ways that these triggers can be set; automatically, an agent, or a pop-up. These are defined below:

  • Automatic – the email(s) is sent in response to an action taken by the admin, such as adding a candidate to an advising appointment schedule.
  • Agent – the email is sent by a nightly job that runs on the back end that sends the email(s) to the recipients, such as sending the invites due to employer email is sent by an agent based on the OCR settings for when the invites are due. The agent is sent based on the Eastern Standard Time (EST). The date offsets that the agent will send an email is based on calendar days.
  • Pop-up – the email is sent after a box pop-ups for the admin user to edit the email, such as when clicking on email waitlist, a box will open with the email so that the admin use can modify the email if needed.

Along with the triggers, these emails are programmed with specific parameters that are variables replaced with specific information. An example of a parameter is the {orgname} which when used on certain emails, will populate the name of the company that the email is regarding.

Each system email is described in the following categories with their triggers, and parameters.

Account Information Advising Appointments Alumni
Candidates Company Events GradLeaders Recruiting
Jobs Mock Interviews OCR Requests
OCR Visits Orders Recruiter
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