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Display Issues

If you encounter any type of user interface or cosmetic issues in GradLeaders Career Center such as but not limited to:

  • The menu bar drop downs don't appear
  • The date selection calendar appears behind a survey question
  • The page layout isn't displaying correctly
  • The button text is too large for the button size

It could be a result of the following:

IE Compatibility Mode

Internet Explorer consists of a feature called compatibility mode that allows users to view a website in a previous version of IE. This feature is a great for users who need to access a website that was designed for an earlier version of IE because it displays websites in that version of IE. However, GradLeaders Career Center was not designed to handle compatibility mode which is why you might encounter these cosmetic problems. The only way to fix these issues is to disable compatibility mode.

The following article will give you more details about IE compatibility mode how to disable it. Use the drop down list in the article to choose your current version of IE.


If you don't know what version of IE you have, this link will tell you which version you are using:



Your browser zoom is not set to 100%

GradLeaders Career Center is designed to display content appropriately at a zoom of 100%. Some users notice instances where the text appears larger than normal which is most likely due to their browser zoom percentage. Please check to make sure your browser zoom is set to 100%.

Here are articles with information on how to change the zoom on your browser

Internet Explorer:


Mozilla FireFox:


Google Chrome:



You may be need to refresh your browser.

When you visit a web site your browser saves information about it so the next time you visit the web site it will load faster because its displaying the web site with the information its saved. This is very convenient for all users but we are routinely implementing improvements to GradLeaders Career Center so your browser might not display GradLeaders Career Center in its current state. To refresh your browsers view of GradLeaders Career Center use the following keyboard command: Ctrl R

If you've tried the suggestions above and are still encountering a UI issue, please send an email to your support address and we will diagnose the problem.

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