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Admin Job Agent Email

Email Title:

Admin Job Agent Email

Email ID:



Job Board

Email Recipient(s):

CSO Administrators

Email Trigger:

Admin sets up job agent.  Frequency triggers when email is sent and if new jobs match search

The GradLeaders Standard Email template is Populated

The email is sent by an agent

CSO Admins may edit the email on the Job Program

The following is a list of defined replaceable parameters that may be used in the Admin Job Agent Email template:

DeepLink - {deeplink}

JobMatchCount - {jobmatchcount}

SearchName - {searchname}

IncludeCompanyTitle - {includecompanytitle}

Opt Out URL - {optouturl}

This email is controlled by the following program settings (if applicable):


Note: If you do not have access to the configuration, please use the “Contact” link above for assistance with modifying your email templates or contact a GradLeaders Representative

An example email:


Admin Job Agent Email Subject


Admin Job Agent Email Body


The email agent will contain all job posting status' unless the admin's search criteria limits the search by job posting status.

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