Send Invite Accept Deadline Email To Students

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Send Invite Accept Deadline Email To Students

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OCR Visit

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Candidate is invited to a visit, but they have not accepted the invitation.

The GradLeaders Standard Email template is Populated

The email is sent by an agent

CSO Admins may edit the email on the Job Program

The following is a list of defined replaceable parameters that may be used in the Send Invite Accept Deadline Email To Students template:

InvitesDueDate - {invitesduedate}

Organization - {orgname}

EventDate - {eventdate}

JobTitle - {jobtitle}

JobDesc - {jobdesc}

JobNumber - {jobnumber}

StudentFirstName - {studentfirstname}

StudentLastName - {studentlastname}

StudentMiddleName - {studentmiddlename}

StudentSuffix - {studentsuffix}

This email is controlled by the following program settings (if applicable):

Admin > Configuration > Settings > OCR> Send Invite Accept Due Email - Enter number of days to send email before deadline. (NOTE: Enter 0 to not send an email)

Note: If you do not have access to the configuration, please use the “Contact” link above for assistance with modifying your email templates or contact a GradLeaders Representative

An example email:


Invites are due for the job posting {jobtitle}


Dear {studentfirstname},

Invites are due by {invitesduedate} for {jobtitle}.



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