Question & Answer Report Report

Report Title: Question & Answer List Report
Module: Candidate
Parameters: Surveys: All candidate related surveys pertaining to the admins current pid

This report will produce a summary of each list question and its answers for the selected survey.

Output columns are:

    • Question Name: The question name as it appears on the survey

    • Control Type: How the question is displayed to the user

    • Max Answers: Number of selections the user is allowed to select

    • Data Type: The type of data associated with the question

    • Other surveys this question is on : The other surveys this question is on

    • Message: The help text associated with the question

    • Answers: The available question answers

      • Note: This report does shows hidden answers


Question Name: Program Max Answers: 1
Control Type: Drop Down List Data Type: List
 Other surveys this question is on: Candidate Profile Q&A
  CSO - Candidate Search & Grid
  Employer Candidate Search & Grid
  Admin - Candidate Profile Q&A
  Employer - Candidate Profile Q&A
  Candidate Security Rules
  Candidate - Subscription Filter
  Candidate Student View Profile
  Candidate Student View Search and Grid
Message: Please select your program  
Full-Time MBA  
Part-Time MBA  
Executive MBA  
Joint Degree MBA  



Any search criteria that has an asterisk (*) next to it is a required search criteria.

Any report with a Date Range search, it is HIGHLY Recommended that a date range be included. Not including this can cause reports to time out due to the amount of data.

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