Candidate Usage Summary Report

Report Title: Candidate Usage Summary
Module: Candidate
Parameters: Candidate Set, Date Range

This report produces a summary of candidate related activity

Output columns are:

  • Candidate Accounts Created: This count includes accounts created by an admin or candidate 

    • Note: The account does not have to be completed, it can be a [missing] profile. If a candidate profile is deleted, the count will be updated.

  • Candidate Logins: This count includes candidate logins and admins logging in as candidates

  • Resumes Uploaded: This count includes new resumes uploads by admins and candidates as well as admin or candidates replacing an existing resume.

    • Note: Cover letters are excluded
  • Job Applications: This count includes the following

    • Resume Drop: When a candidate submits a resume or when an admin submits a resume for a candidate. 

    • Email: When a candidate applies to an job with an application method of email or if an admin applies to the job for the candidate

    • Web: When a candidate applies to an job with an application method of website or if an admin applies to the job for the candidate

      • Marked As Applied: When a candidate applies to a job with an application method of Website by marking it as "Marked as Applied"

    • Note: If any of the applications mentioned above are deleted, the count will be updated

  • Resume Drops: This count includes resumes drop for a visit by the candidate and the admin.

    • Note: This count includes resume drops in general regardless of the visit date and deadlines. If a visit is cloned and the candidates are copied over to the new visit, the count will be increased.

  • Job Searches: This count includes all job searches ran by candidates and admins logged in as candidates

  • Job Search Agents: This count includes the active job search agents created within the specified date range. If a job agent was deleted during this date range, the deleted job agent would not be included in the count.

Any search criteria that has an asterisk (*) next to it is a required search criteria.

Any report with a Date Range search, it is HIGHLY Recommended that a date range be included. Not including this can cause reports to time out due to the amount of data.

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