Email Campaigns

Email Campaigns

Email Campaigns are created and scheduled to send custom email messages to a targeted group of students or employers at a time in the future. 

Overall, Email Campaigns include the following steps:

  1. Designate a set of students or employers via a saved search or folder of searches
  2. Create email message text using custom fields and attachments
  3. Set campaign parameters

To create an Email Campaign:


Action: Add a New Template

Action: Create Email from Template

If a template has already been created anywhere in the system, it can be selected and used for this campaign. 



Action: Attach Mass Email 

Use this option to select a past mass email that has been already been sent and add it to this email campaign. 






The Sent Emails section on the CAMPAIGN DETAILS screen lists all emails that have been sent that are part of the campaign.  They can be sorted by:

Action: Copy Email Campaign


Action: Cancel Email Campaign









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