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                                                          Date Key


Job Description Due

This is the deadline for Employers to submit their job description and edit the visit. Once this date has passed, only Admin can edit the visit.

Resume Drop Start

This allows Students to start applying. (dropping their resumes)

Resume Drop End

The stops the Student's ability to apply/drop their resume. This also allows Employers to mark Students as invited/alternates assuming the “Resumes Available to Employers” date is in the past.

Resumes Available to Employers

This will allow the Employer to access their “Invite List” tab to review resumes and take invite/alternate action if “Resume Drop End” date is in the past.

Invites Due

This date does not actually prevent Employers from inviting Students; it is a reminder/guideline for the Employer and it triggers an e-mail to the Employer. It also allows easy searching/reporting for Admin to identify late Employers.

Invite Accept Start

This allows Students to accept their invitation and pick an interview timeslot (Invite List must be finalized and Resume Drop End date must be in the past before this will take effect)

Invite Accept End

This closes the ability for the Student to accept their invitation/pick a timeslot.

Final Student Deadline

Students can no longer cancel an interview. (This will also cut off the ability for Students to swap if Swap Deadline Date is not used)

Schedule to Employer

The schedule is released/visible to the Employer. This can be before or after the Final Student Deadline and/or Swap Deadline dates.

*Alternate Student Signup Start

This allows Students who have been selected as alternates to pick from available timeslots. (Alternate ranking only impacts automatic promotions when an invitee cancels their interview)

*Swap Deadline

Students can no longer swap timeslots. (Final Student Deadline date will also cut off the ability for Students to swap if Swap Deadline date is not used)

*FCFS Start

This allows Students to sign up for open slots on the schedule. This is open to all Students that match the eligible classification and program/degree on the visit.

*Accessible based on optional configuration

** FCFS = First Come First Serve (Open Slots)

 How do Alternates work, when the auto-scheduler is not in use

If a school is NOT using "Alternate Student Signup Start Date" as one of the Visit Date fields,  the Alternates do not get to pick a slot.  The Alternates are simply there in case an Invitee declines.  When an Invitee declines, the alternate gets promoted to Invite status.   The risk to this approach is that if an Invitee never picks a slot, and never declines, a slot will be left empty and the Alternate has no chance.  In this case, the Admins need to pay attention to invitees that are not responding.
If a school IS using "Alternate Student Signup Start Date", that date is typically set to be a few days after the Invite Accept Start Date, so that the invitees have an advantage in grabbing time slots.  Once the "Alternate Student Signup Start Date" passes, then the Alternates can pick any available time slot.  This feature is only a few years old.  I would inform Emory of this feature, and any other schools that may not be using it.
To enable this:   There is a question called "Visit - Visit Dates".  There is an answer called "Alternate Student Signup Start Date" - you copy that down to the job board PID level for the school, and then re-sort the answers at the PID level so that it is immediate after the "Invite Accept Start" Date.  That date then needs to be filled in on future / current Rounds and future/current visits.

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