Back-To-Back Setup

On occasion, a company making a request to come on campus to recruit will require that candidates meet with two different interviewers back-to-back. GradLeaders Career Center is able to handle this unique request by using a back-to-back visit schedule. When setting up a back-to-back visit, it is important to think about the “number of schedules” as the same thing as “number of interviewers” or “number of rooms”. 

Many schools have historically said “XYZ Corp is doing 1 back-to-back schedule”, when in fact there are 2 interviewers and 2 rooms.   In GradLeaders Career Center, you must consider this example to be one back-to-back visit, with 2 schedules.   When using back-to-back visits, the system will force the visit to have an even number of schedules.

When choosing the schedule template for back-to-back schedules, you must think about the total time commitment to the student.  For example, if the employer wants students to meet with the first interviewer for 45 minutes, and then with the second interviewer for 45 minutes, you need to specify a 90 minute schedule template. 

Once the back-to-back visit is setup, the system will enforce some schedule rules.  Specifically, schedules are “paired up” and locked together, with schedule #1 and #2 paired together, #3 and #4 together, and so forth.  If you add a break on schedule #1, the system will make the same change on #2.  If you remove a slot on #4, the same slot will be removed from #3.  If you delete schedule #5, #6 will also be deleted.  If you click “Add Schedule”, two will be added and paired together.

Nothing in the visit application, invitation, or bid process will change with back-to-back visits.  When the visit is scheduled, the screens will show each student in a single slot.  Using the previous example of the candidate meeting with each interview for 45 minutes; Susie will show in the 9am-10:30am slot on schedule #1, and Billy will show in the 9am-10:30am slot on schedule #2.  The employer will see the same on their module for the visit.

The system displays the schedules in that manner so that students can easily see their time commitment, cancellations and promotions are consistent, and swapping is easier.

When an admin clicks goes to print the schedules, the back-to-back logic kicks in.  The printed schedule will reflect the timeslots cut in half and the students switching schedules.  From the above example:  Printed Schedule #1 shows Susie is in the 9am-9:45am slot, and Billy is in the 9:45am-10:30am slot.   Printed Schedule #2 shows Billy is in the 9am-9:45am slot, and Susie is in the 9:45am-10:30am slot.   Resumes print in the same order as the schedule in all cases.

The previous example uses two candidates, however; there are typically more candidates than two coming for a visit. If the XYZ Corp wants to interview twelve candidates with using a back-to-back visit schedule, both schedules must have six slots at 90 minutes each for a total of twelve slots split over the two schedules.  In this example, the invites plus bids must equal twelve. It is important to remember that the system will always display the total time commitment to each candidate, and that once the schedules are run and printed, the printed schedule will then show the candidates two slots, one on each schedule at alternating times. (Printed Schedule #1 shows Susie is in the 9am-9:45am slot, and Billy is in the 9:45am-10:30am slot. Printed Schedule #2 shows Billy is in the 9am-9:45am slot, and Susie is in the 9:45am-10:30am slot.)

After the schedule has been run (and/or there are people on the schedule), you can go back-to-back to straight, but you can't go the other way.  If schedule is not run and empty, then you can still go straight to back-to-back, the schedules get rebuilt when you save the “Edit Visit” page if you do so.

When changing a visit from back-to-back to straight after the schedule has been run, please follow the below steps:

  1. Clear each schedule from the interview tab (this does not notify the candidates or send out iCal updates to remove the appointment.) - NOTE: This step is crucial as you can not delete the schedule until it has been cleared.
  2. Edit the visit on the Main tab from Back-to-Back = Yes to Back-to-Back = No
  3. Select new schedule Template
  4. Save Visit Record
  5. From the schedule tab, select the extra schedules and then click 'Delete Schedule'
  6. Re-Run the Schedules


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