Document Library without Folders - Document Detail Actions

Admins have five actions that they can take on the Document Details page. These actions are listed in the Actions widget and include the following:

  • Edit Document
  • Download
  • Direct Link
  • Email
  • Delete

The Edit Document action will allow you to change details on the document, including changing the uploaded file, the website URL, name, description, and expiration date.

Note: You do not need to choose the document in again in order to save. Clicking save will only save the changes and the original file will remain in the system.

The Download action will allow you to download the file to your computer. For admins, the document can either be downloaded on the details page using the Download link or from the document file grid by using the download icon in the actions column.

The Direct Link action will generate a download link to the document that can be sent to candidates to download the file. The download link does not prompt a candidate to log into GradLeaders Career Center, and will prompt them to save the file once they use the link. This link is only for candidates.

The EmailĀ action will open an e-mail modal allowing you to send the document as an attachment to someone. This can be used to send the document to an employer or candidate with a customized message. When clicking Email, the document is already attached to the email and another file may not be attached.

The Delete action will delete the document from the document library. Documents may be deleted by an admin from either the details page using the Delete link, or from the document file grid by using the delete icon in the actions column.

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