Notify Admin Offer Entered

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Notify Admin Offer Entered 

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Employment Reporting 

Email Recipient(s):

Admins (primary contact for employment reporting year) 

Email Trigger:

Email is sent when a candidate has completed reporting an accepted job offer in GradLeaders Career Center. This email is sent to the email address that is set as the primary admin contact for the active employment reporting year.


This email template is blank by default at the Standard level. It is sent automatically when a candidate has completed entering an "Accepted Offer" in GradLeaders Career Center.

Note: It will send out an email even when students enter their initial offer - they do not have to enter 2 + "accepted offers" to trigger an email to the admin.

Available Parameters

  • JobTitle - {jobtitle}
  • Organization - {orgname}
  • StudentFirstName - {studentfirstname}
  • StudentLastName - {studentlastname}
  • StudentMiddleName - {studentmiddlename}
  • Offer Date - {offerdate}
  • Decision Date - {decisiondate}
  • Offer Source - {offersource}
  • Offer Status - {offerstatus}

This email is controlled by the following settings and/or permissions (if applicable):

It is linked to the setting on the reporting year in Control - accessible to GradLeaders only. If no admin email address is specified, no email will be sent to the admin (even if you add content in the subject/body of the email template).


Contact your Customer Relationship Manager if you want to modify the email template or send us an email at

An example email:


New Job Offered Entered 



A new job offer has been entered by {studentfirstname} {studentlastname}. Below are the details of the job offer that was entered:

JobTitle - {jobtitle}
Organization - {orgname}
Offer Date - {offerdate}
Decision Date - {decisiondate}
Offer Source - {offersource}
Offer Status - {offerstatus}


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