Career Fair or Multi-Company Event Set Up


The Career Fair module is essentially a multi-company event. The module uses the same underlying technology as company events which will allow any full GradLeaders Career Center school to conduct a Career Fair.  Below is a general workflow for a Career Fair or multi-company event.

Admin Module

Creating a Career Fair (or other chargeable event)

  1. Schools have an option to charge employers a flat fee or base charges for attending a career fair. The fees are answered in a 'Company Event Base Charge' question on the Admin survey for the Multi-Company Event Request.
    1. For schools wishing to give a discount to employers that sign up for multiple events, they will need to answer the 'Multiple Event Discount' question on the Admin survey for the Multi-Company Event Request.
    2. Sample usage. If a school has 2 or more career fairs, and they wish to give a $100 discount to firms that sign up for more than at least two events, they would input “100” into this field on the survey for both events.
  2. Schools may also charge for specific items for the employer(s) to use. By answering a question “Company Event Chargeable items” on the admin survey. These items will be available for an employer to select when signing up for a career fair.
    1. Examples of this are premium booth, extra tables / chairs, electronic equipment, etc.
    2. For schools wishing to charge employers for the Career Fair, this question will need to be placed on the Admin survey for the Multi-Company Event.
    3. Schools can also put together “packages” of chargeable items for an employer to select.
  3. As admin users set up a Career Fair (Multi-Company Event), they may choose to have both of the above questions on the survey and both can be used together.
  4. In addition to Career Fairs, a school may choose to have other chargeable events. By answering the “Chargeable Event?” question on the survey, an admin can select one of the following options for charging employers for attending the event.
    1. Base Charge (Flat Fee) only
    2. No Base Charge with optional chargeable items
    3. Base Charge plus optional chargeable items
    4. No Charges
  5. The rest of the survey is identical to a regular multi company event survey.

Admin Request File

  1. Once an employer has entered a request to attend a career fair, or other chargeable multi company event, the admin user can view all requests from the event request file.
  2. The request survey displays all fields including the questions for Base Event Charge and chargeable items.
  3. There is an optional toolbar icon for admins titled “Print PDF Invoice”. This icon is controlled through permissions set by the school. Please contact your Customer Relationship Manager for additional information.
  4. The PDF Invoice can be printed as needed for Paid or Not Paid records.
  5. The request file contains a section titled “Event Payment Information” and is display only.
    1. This section only appears for multi-company events when the PDF invoice permission is on and the chargeable questions are on the survey.
    2. If the request was paid on-line, the section shows the amount and “** Paid On-line **”.
    3. If manually paid, it shows the check # and date.
  6. The “Order Not Paid” with the dollar ($) sign icon is a separate permission from PDF Invoice.
    1. This icon shows either “Order NOT Paid” or “Order Paid” depending on the request state. Clicking the icon toggles the payment status.
    2. The admin user is presented with a popup prompt each time like “Are you sure you want to mark this as PAID?” (or as NOT PAID).
    3. If the admin user is marking the request as PAID, then the admin can also input the Check Number, Check Date, and Amount Paid. This is the info that shows up in the “Event Payment Information” section.
  7. The Refund icon permission is tied to the permission for “Order Not Paid/Paid” icon.
    1. This icon only appears if the request was paid on-line.
    2. If clicked, the user gets a popup for “Refund the payment amount?” with Yes/No options.
    3. If 'Yes', is selected, then the order is refunded back to the purchaser.
  8. If the admin user tries to confirm a request that is not paid, they will get an extra popup that says: “You are about to confirm an UNPAID request for the event. Are you sure you want to do this?” with Yes / No buttons.
  9. When the request is confirmed, all of the event chargeable item answers will be copied into the multi-company event / company signup record.
  10. The admin user will be able to use the link for 'edit request information' to walk through the same “Select items” pages as the employer, so that the order can be revised.
    1. Admin user can re-print the invoice to reflect the changes
    2. If the original order was paid on-line, the system will retain the original amount paid, so that any future adjusted invoices will include the “previous payments”.

PDF Invoice Format

The PDF invoice contains the following information for each transaction.

  1. The order number which is the Event Request ID. This is a unique record.
  2. If a “Multiple Event Discount” is applicable it prints in the row beneath the Even Basic Charge.
  3. The Previous Payments is either the amount paid on-line or the manual check payment amount.

Admin Event Company Signups

The admin Company Event – Company Sign up tab has been modified to display the Event Chargeable items selected by each company and the payment status (paid/ not paid) for each company. This information is displayed in the grid next to the appropriate company. Admins may also add individual notes for each company attending the event by using then notes icon which has also been added to the grid.

The notes icon on the grid allows the admin user to keep notes for each company attending the event. Clicking the icon gives a popup window with a plain text field that the user can edit. Save and Cancel buttons close the popup.

There are two additional icons that can be permissioned on to create an HTML page for the company event and to export the company signups in a .CSV file format.

The View HTML icon essentially generates the Candidate View of the event, minus any navigation items. An admin may choose to save this page, once generated to a desktop HTML file. The admin user can then use that HTML to promote the event on their website or via email with the help of a local webmaster.

The Export CSV icon is provides the user an export of all companies signed up for the event, with the following output columns: Company Name, Contact Name, Contact job title, contact email address, contact phone number, list of all event items selected, Paid/not paid status, and the notes entered by an admin using the 'Notes' icon on the grid.

If an admin user clicks the “Add Company” button below, they are effectively adding a company to the Career Fair and bypassing the order and invoice process. This option is available to schools, but is not advisable. The recommended approach is to have the employer submit the request, or login as the employer to enter the request. This allows for proper handling of all charges and invoicing.

Admin Report: Chargeable Company Events

  1. Report Parameters: From / Through Date Range<
  2. Report Content: For every Multi-Company Event in the Date Range specified list one row for every company request for those events. Default sort is Company Event name plus Company Name
  3. Report Output: Excel sheet
  4. Report Columns: Company Event Name, Event Date, Company Name, Contact Name, Contact job Title, Contact email, Contact phone, Event Base Charge Amount , Total Charges, Paid/not paid, {one column for each chargeable item selected}.
  5. Report Total: Total Event Base Charges, Total Charges, Total $ Not Paid

Employer Module

Event Request File

After the admin sets up one or more multi-company events for career fairs, they show up as they normally do in the GradLeaders Career Center Employer multi-company request survey in the special question “Preferred Event”.

Employer completes the survey as normal and clicks 'Save'.

If the employer has selected one or more “Preferred Events” that have a chargeable item as defined by an admin when setting up the event, the employer is taken to a new popup or screen that contains:

  1. there is a non-zero Base Charge Amount, that automatically appears in the right panel (Order Summary) at the top using the survey question text for the question.
  2. If the user has selected more than one Chargeable Event, and any of the events have a non-zero amount for “Multiple Event Discount”, the highest discount amount from the selected events is applied to the charge. It appears in the row immediately below the “Event Base Charges” rows, and is subtracted from the total due.
  3. If “Chargeable Event?” is a “Base Only” fee, then no chargeable items are selectable. Otherwise, as items are checked in the left panel the right panel is updated as shown.
  4. Note: The employer can change the quantity in the right panel, which updates the amount just like on the GradLeaders web store.
  5. User can also remove an item by unchecking in the left panel or clicking the red “X” in the right panel.
  6. Clicking the Checkout button takes the user to a checkout page similar to the GradLeaders web store. This also completely submits the Employer Event Request, including the selected optional items.
  7. Clicking the “Submit – Bill Me Later” button submits the event request, including the selected optional items.

Event Detail page

The employer view for a Career Fair event has also been modified to indicate the Payment Information. The Event Payment Information using the same data fields displayed in Admin module. If the request was paid on-line, this is indicated to the right of the payment information. If it was paid by check, the Check # and Check Date will be displayed instead.

An additional toolbar icon for “Additional Items” is available that, when clicked; this takes the employer to the Additional Items ordering page that functions like the original request. The exceptions are:

  1. None of the Event Base Charges or Discounts will apply. The user will only be charged for new selected items.
  2. There is no button for “Bill Me Later”
  3. After the user “Complete the Order” via the “Checkout” process, an email is sent to the setting for “OCR Event Manager Email:” notifying the admin office that a company has purchased additional items for the career fair event.
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