Schedule Templates

During the approval process for a visit, a CSO Admin may select which schedule template they would like to use for that visit. This will set the start and end time for the visit, the number of slots available, the amount of time for each slot, and when breaks will be taken. Below are the steps for a CSO admin to set up a schedule template. Once each schedule template is built, a CSO Admin will have that option for Schedule Template when approving, adding, or editing a visit.

  • From the Dashboard, click 'On-Campus Interview'
  • Click 'On-Campus Setup'
  • From the On-Campus Setup menu, click 'List Schedule Templates'
  • From the Schedule Templates page, click the Add Template icon
  • From the Schedule Templates page, add the appropriate information
    Note: The option "Employers may select in Interview Reservations" must be checked for at least 1 schedule template to enable employers to submit requests.
  • Click update template
  • Set the start/end times for each slot from the drop-down menus
  • Select the Slot # that you wish your break to follow
  • Click the drop-down menu under the slot start time
    For example, if you would like a 15 minute break after Slot #1, adjust the start time for Slot #2 to 9:15. The system will automatically enter the 15 minute break after the interview slot and adjust the start/end times for the remaining slots
  • Repeat this process for additional breaks at other points in the interview schedule
    Note: Breaks under 1 hour are designated as “short breaks” and breaks over 1 hour are listed as “long breaks.”
  • Click 'Update Template'


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