Mock Interview Module

This module works very much like the Advising module, with a few subtle differences.  The purpose is to allow the Career Management Office staff to setup and manage the Mock (Practice) Interviews for their students.  When setting up Mock Interview schedules, the admin user identifies a few pieces of critical information (date, time schedule, room, signup deadlines, etc.).  As with Advising, there is a copy function to allow the admin user to quickly replicate the interview schedules for various rooms, interviewers, etc.

Candidates can browse and sign up/withdraw for available mock interviews up to specified deadlines.  It is also possible to have the candidates respond to questions as they sign up.  As an example, many schools ask if the students wish to practice interviews for certain job functions or industries.   The admin users can see the signups in real-time, batch email the people on a particular schedule as needed, and track attendance.

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