How to add Mock Interviews, Adjust the Schedule and Add Details


This article provides a walkthrough on how to complete the different processes of a mock interview.

Adding a Mock Interview Back to Top

  • Click Mock Interview from the sub-menu
  • From the Mock Interview page, click Add Mock Interview
  • From the Mock Interview Details page, fill in the appropriate information
    Note: For information on setting up rooms, see Designate a Room for OCR.
  • Fill in the mock interview description field, which will be viewed by students
  • Click Save

Adjusting the Mock Interview Schedule (start times & breaks) Back to Top

  • After the mock interview has been saved, review the schedule
  • Select the desired start time for the first appointment from the Start Time drop-down menu
  • Select the Slot # that you wish your break to follow
  • Click the drop-down menu under the slot start time
  • For example, if you would like a 15 minute break after Slot #1, adjust the start time for Slot #2 to 9:15
  • The system will automatically enter the 15 minute break after the interview slot and adjust the start/end times for the remaining slots
  • Repeat this process for additional breaks at other points in the interview schedule
    Note: Breaks under 1 hour are designated as “short breaks” and breaks over 1 hour are listed as “long breaks.”

Adding Details after the Mock Interview Back to Top

  • From the Mock Interview Details Page, select the desired candidate
  • To mark that candidate as attended the Mock Interview, click the Attended (calendar) icon
  • To add notes from the Mock Interview, click the Notes (notepad) icon
  • To email the candidate, click the Email (envelope) icon
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