Changing Screen Messages

Screen messages can be changed two different ways. The traditional method of changing the screen message is to go to the Configuration Menu, and choose Messages. From there, click on the Screen Messages tab, locate the message that needs to be changed and, click the message name which will open the message in an edit mode. The second method of updating a screen message is by placing the mouse cursor over the message until a popup box appears with "Edit Screen Message". Click this popup message and the message will then open in an edit mode so that the message can be changed directly. If when hovering on the screen message, this pop up box does not appear, please contact a GradLeaders Representative for assistance with turning on the permission.

When editing screen messages, it is important to note that all screen messages that are viewed by candidates are updated on the candidate resume book program. For example, the screen message displayed when completing a profile for a 1st year MBA candidate is updated on the 1st year resume book program. This is done so that each screen message may be changed depending on the program/class year of the candidates. Using the same logic as the candidate screen messages, all screen messages displayed to employers are updated on the job board program.

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