Candidate Mailing List Report

Report Title: Candidate Mailing List
Module: Candidate 
Parameters: Candidate Set, Program, Job Type (Obsolete), Job Reporting Status, Graduation Availability Date

This report will provide a summary of a candidates job status and job offer information.

Output columns are:

  • Last Name: Candidates last name

  • First Name: Candidates first name

  • Email: Candidates email

  • Program: Candidates program

  • Class Year: Candidates class year

  • Grad Date: Candidates graduation availability date

  • Job Reporting Status: Candidates job reporting status

  • Advisor Job Reporting Status: Candidates advisor job reporting status

  • Total Offer Count: Candidates total number of offers based on the selected job type

  • Accepted Offer Count: Candidates total number of accepted offers based on the selected job type

Any search criteria that has an asterisk (*) next to it is a required search criteria.

Any report with a Date Range search, it is HIGHLY Recommended that a date range be included. Not including this can cause reports to time out due to the amount of data.


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