Outlook 365 Modern Authentication - School Configuration Guide (2020 Microsoft Updates)

Microsoft Graph Oauth Configuration


  • Navigate to https://portal.azure.com/#home
  • Be sure you are logged into an Admin account that has rights to edit and configure your school's Azure account information
  • Click on Manage Azure Active Directory
  •  Click on App registration
  • On the App Registration page click on Add New Registration
  • In add new registration give the new registration a unique application name and
    under Redirect URI select Public client/Native(mobile, desktop) and urn:ietf:wg:oauth:2.0:oob in the text box.

  • Click Register
  • Once you have registered the new application name, you will land on the App Registration Overview Page.
  • Grab the following pieces of information:
    • Application (Client ID)
    • ID Diretory (Tenant ID)
    • These pieces of information are needed for GradLeaders to finish setting up your integration.
  • Now click on View API Permissions
  • Click on Add Permission button. This will open Request API Permissions in that look for Microsoft Graph and click on it, then click Application Permissions. 
  • Select and add the following permissions:
    • Calendar.Read,
    • Calendars. ReadWrite
    • User.Read
    • Grant admin consent to the first two permissions (Calendar.Read, Calendar.ReadWrite).    Please note that the Admin Consent is required because there is no user interaction in the integration; it is all server to server communication.  The third permission does not require admin consent.

  • Create a Client Secret
  • *NOTE* Copy the value of the Client secret the FIRST time it is created.  This value will not be visible again in the future without generating a new value.

  • Send the following pieces of information to GradLeaders Support to finish your new O365 Integration:
    • Client ID
    • Tenant ID
    • Client secret value
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