Fixed and Mixed Schedules

On-Campus Recruiting has two different types of visits that it can use, Fixed Visits or Mixed Visits. Fixed Visits require that an Admin set up two schedules for the OCR. One is used as a Closed Schedule for invited candidates and the other is an Open Schedule for bidding candidates. Mixed visits only require one schedule for both invited and bidding candidates. Every OCR have a different visit type, as this is an option during confirmation and approval process. Most schools using GradLeaders Career Center choose to have the system default to the Mixed schedule and only change this upon employer request. (For assistance changing the default status, contact GradLeaders Support.)


When running the schedule, the scheduler will respect the visit type selected and only place candidates who were invited and the invited alternates on the closed schedule. Candidates who won a bid or are bid alternates will be placed on the open schedule.


The swapping function in GradLeaders Career Center also respects the Fixed/Mixed Visit type. For Fixed Visits, only those on the closed schedule can swap amongst themselves and those on the open schedule can swap amongst themselves. For the Mixed Visits, any candidate will be able to swap times.



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