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Job Reporting Status Report

Report Title:  Job Reporting Status Report
Module:  Admin - Reports
Parameters:  Report Type, Reporting Year, Candidate Set(s), Program, US Eligibility, Job Reporting Status, Offer Status, Job Type, Offer Date, Graduation Availability Date, Display Status, Report Content
 Breakdown of students Job Reporting Status

When searching on all candidate job reporting statuses, candidates who have no status will be included in the total count of ‘Not Reported'.

When running the report based on location, the US counts will be calculated based on ‘US Citizenship' status and International will be all other statuses. Students that do not have citizenship answered will still be included in the total column.


Any search criteria that has an asterisk (*) next to it is a required search criteria.

Any report with a Date Range search, it is HIGHLY Recommended that a date range be included. Not including this can cause reports to time out due to the amount of data.

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