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The Admin Dashboard

Once logged into the system, the admin user will be brought to the Dashboard. The main tool bar is located at the top of the page with the informational widgets located beneath the tool bar. Each specified information resource is accessed by clicking the appropriate resource, including candidate (or student) file, companies, and jobs.

To change to a different program, select from the Current Set dropdown.  

Also located on the Admin Dashboard are the Admin Widgets. The Widgets are designed to work in conjunction with the informational resources also found with the Dashboard tool bar. These are located below the tool bar and can be used to quickly view information based on permissions.

For example, an admin that works primarly with On-Campus Recruiting might have the Pending OCR Requests Widget on their dashboard to give them quick access to employer requests. Click here view the admin widgets. To add or remove widgets from the admin dashboard, an admin user with the proper permissions can click on Edit Dashboard to add, delete or move widgets or contact support@gradleaders.com for assistance. 

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