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Configuration for Feature 5198 - Browser shortcut icon / App Icon / "Add to Home"

  • New Image needs uploaded to GTS Images. This can be done in Control. There are 3 different image size options. Typically, these will all 3 be the same image. The browser will decide which one to use in certain cases. To be safe, just upload the same image to all 3 locations. Once you have done so, log into Beta Web 1 and run the maintenance script "ShortcutImages_to_GTSImages" - this will copy those new images to their proper places on the web servers.
  • Image specifications: .gif, .jpg, .png only. Square image. Size will be scaled on the page since it is a small logo.
  • New School Setting > Mobile > Enable School Shortcut: Yes/No
  • For Apple/iOs, this is ONLY available on the Safari browser, due to limitations that Apple has placed on other browsers on their OS.
  • Shortcut Name: Full name of the school to appear on the pop message.
  • Shortcut Short Name: Abbreviated name to appear on under the app tile
  • Shortcut Description: Describes how to install the app and create tile. 

Known Issues:

The download is a manifest file.  Some antivirus software does try to block manifest files as a security measure.

It is possible this won't even affect the students since they probably aren't using the same antivirus that the university is using.  Have they turned it on and had a student try it?

As far as the career office employees using university resources the only thing they could do is create an exemption in their antivirus software to allow for a manifest file to be downloaded from our site – basically whitelisting our site.

Known Issues with iPhoneX:

  • Adding to "Home Screen" the first time does not actually add a visible, clickable icon. However, it is there. The user must add it a 2nd time, and it will be place right over top of the first invisible icon. You can then remove one of the icons and it will work normally.

Message pops up when they log in on device:


iOs Tablet:

  • Click additional options and then click "Add to Home Screen"

  • Name the shortcut and hit "Add". By default, it will be "Login"

 Android Tablet:

  • Click on the "..." and then select "Add to Homescreen"

  • Type a Title and the select "Add"

 Android Mobile:

  • Click on the "..." and select "Add to Home Screen" 

  • Type a name and click "Add"

iOs Mobile:

  • Click Additional Options and then select "Add to Home Screen"

  • Type a name and the click "Add"

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