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How to use External Surveys with the Co-op Internship Module

External Surveys/Survey Monkey – (Co-Op/Internship Module)


1. Account Verification – You will receive an email from Survey Monkey asking you to verify your account. Please log into Survey Monkey through GLCC before clicking the verification link from Survey Monkey.

Here is the path to log into Survey Monkey through GLCC – Other Activities > External Surveys > Next Actions > Manage Surveys


2. Once you create a survey, you will have the option to assign a “Collector”


a. You should NOT manually assign a collector. You can skip this step, which will leave the survey in a “Draft” status.




b. As part of the integration, GLCC will automatically generate Email Collectors within Survey Monkey when the survey is sent out via email to the student/employer. This Email Collector generates a unique URL for each student/employer it is sent to.



c. The surveys are sent automatically based on two scenarios:

    1. If the surveys are for Co-Op/Internships, they are sent out based on the dates within the Semester List or the actual Co-Op/Internship record itself, since you can modify the survey dates at a Co-Op/Internship record level. The Co-Op/Internship record must be in an Active status in order for the surveys to run correctly. The Active status option will only be available to select once you have a Company and a Contact linked to the Co-Op/Internship record.
    2. If the surveys are not linked to Co-Op/Internships, they can be sent manually by Admin through GLCC and the Email Collector is generated at that time.


3. Once an Email Collector is automatically generated by GLCC, the Admin can see each collector in Survey Monkey. You can click into each collector and view the recipient of that email, which allows you to identify which student/employer received that survey notification

The Email Collector will be open during the duration set on the semester/individual record (Start Date thru Deadline Date). The Email Collector will not automatically close once the Deadline Date passes. The survey will stay open indefinitely to ensure all recipients can complete it.


Linking Created Surveys Into GLCC


1.  Once surveys are created in Survey Monkey, the Admin must manually refresh in GLCC for the surveys to pull over. Other Activities > External Surveys > Next Actions > Refresh Surveys



2.  Your surveys will now be listed on their External Surveys grid under the “Open” tab


3.  You must now edit each survey using the “pencil” icon to make it active and choose which “Audience” the survey is for. “Active” will determine if the survey will be an option to select on your semester/individual Co-Op/Internship record. “Prompt” will populate a pop-up message in GLCC upon logging in for those students/employers who have not yet completed the survey. The pop-up will no longer be in effect once they complete the survey. “Co-Op/Internship” will determine whether this survey is for use in the Co-Op/Internship module.




4. If the survey is marked as Active and for Co-Op/Internships, that will make those surveys available for assignment in your semester list.

5. Once a Co-Op/Internship survey has been sent out and completed, the results can be viewed in GLCC, on the Co-Op/Internship record for that student.

6. You can click the binocular icon to view the full results, including the student/employer's answers to each question.






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